Attracting Millennials to your Workplace

October 3, 2017

How to Attract Millennials to Your Workplace

If you’re trying to infuse some fresh blood into your workplace, chances are that you’re looking to hire a millennial.  As millennials make up one of every three workers in American businesses, it’s no wonder people are clamoring to update their employee roster with one of 53.5 million potential hires.

As millennials are in their twenties and early thirties, they require different things from an office setting than the baby boomer members of your staff used to.  If your office is made up of stale colors, threadbare carpeting, dull and drab furniture and harsh fluorescent lighting then you will need some tips and tricks on how to attract millennials to your workplace.

  • Open Concept – Millennials dig an open floor plan office, but this is not to say that there should be no division of space, whatsoever. Some of these individuals won’t flourish as much out in the open, but like to feel as though they’re still part of the team.  Make sure there is a space where your introverts are able to get away from it all.  Ditch the cubicles and watch the collaborative magic happen.
  • Diverse Seating – Given the importance of ergonomics in the workplace, millennials want to see a variety of seating possibilities in the office. Add some balance balls, comfortable lounge chairs and well-made, ergonomically-friendly task chairs.  Millennials have a reputation for being somewhat fickle, but they are also the ones bringing ideas to the table, so if varietal seating keeps them happy, do it!
  • Conference Rooms – They thrive on collaboration and bouncing ideas off each other, but dislike the idea of long tedious meetings. Business owners are mistakenly using this fact to delete conference rooms entirely from their offices, but don’t do this.  Several conference rooms of varying sizes are a great place for impromptu chats or teamwork sessions that millennials thrive upon.
  • Tech Friendly – If there’s one thing all millennials can agree upon it is the importance of technology. Think more digital and less analog in your office.  Overhead projectors and desktop computers are out.  Consider tablets and Bluetooth keyboards or digital displays to keep them interested.   Allowing them to use the tech they already possess is all the more attractive to the average millennial.
  • Learn their Trends – Millennials value work and will work long hours, but they also like to maintain a balance. Workplaces with gym areas or wellness programs are superiorly attractive as well as offices with comfortable and well-equipped break room or lounge areas.  Offices looking to attract a new millennial work force will also want to embrace as many team building exercises as possible.

If you need a bit of an office reboot, contact us and we’ll get you set up to attract as many millennials as you want!

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