Working at New Heights

Ergonomics is defined as the science of fitting a workplace to the user’s needs, it aims to increase efficiency and productivity, as well as reduce discomfort. Ergonomics is about designing for people, and it is an important aspect to consider in your workplace, whether that be at home or in an office. Ergonomics can help […]

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Still Working at Home?

What Steps Have You Taken to Efficiently Work From Home? Many business owners and their employees have been transitioning to working from home for a while now. Because you’re used to being able to relax more while at home, the adjustment of working from home may still be challenging. Here are a few tips that […]

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Tanner Furniture Featured in Fig’s “City of Lancaster” Magazine

Tanner Furniture Partners with Lancaster Coworking Looking for a place to work that’s gorgeous, hip, and a little fun, too? Look no further than the latest concept in coworking from Tanner Furniture and Lancaster Coworking. Individuals or small companies are now able to rent designated workspace at Lancaster Coworking, a renovated tobacco warehouse outfitted with […]

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Attracting Millennials to your Workplace

How to Attract Millennials to Your Workplace If you’re trying to infuse some fresh blood into your workplace, chances are that you’re looking to hire a millennial.  As millennials make up one of every three workers in American businesses, it’s no wonder people are clamoring to update their employee roster with one of 53.5 million […]

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The Best Chair for Your Office

The average American worker spends nearly twelve hours a day sitting down, but how much attention is paid to where we are sitting?  When you’re at work, is any old task chair going to hack it?  Or do you, perhaps, need the chair that is being heralded as the best chair for your office? Doctors […]

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Essentials for Returning to Work and Social Distancing 

Workplace Decontamination Services